About us – How It all started

About The Smart Dog Company

About Us
The Smart Dog Company Owner Kim & her Whippets

The Smart Dog Company is a small business based in Yorkshire.
My business came about when I adopted a rescue whippet who had been very badly treated.
I needed to make him a coat and something to keep him warm at night and as a very keen dress maker and crafts person I set to work.

I adopted my first rescue whippet Tommy over 12 years ago and then my second whippet Archie 8 years ago. Poor Tommy had come from a bad situation and so needed lots of TLC which he had from day one and he was such a beautiful boy. I put one of my old fleece jackets on him when he was a little cold and that is how I started my company by making him a coat and the business has just grown.

I have to say I have the best job in the world and whippets are my passion through and through. I have since lost both Tommy nearly 15 years old and Archie nearly 13 years old both my boys are missed so very much.

I now have Ronnie who I have had from a eight week old pup he was brought up beside Tommy and Archie and Archie being Ronnie’s mentor was just beautiful to experience. In 2022 Wills, Ronnie’s daddy came to live with us and he has settled in so well and absolutly loving and living life to the full. So my career continues along with my whippets and trying to get them to model for me which is not easy!

I have five models now Ronnie, Wils, Masie, Darcy and Lilly all who work very hard for treats.

I design and provide handmade high quality coats for all seasons, house and martingale collars, Leather hound collars & leads, fleece jumpers and Pj’s – Onesies & hand knitted Aran Jumpers.

I pride myself on the quality of my products and my customer service.

If you can’t see the size or what you are looking for please feel free to contact me and I will do my utmost to help.